Walmart is now offering SiriusXM, Adam Schein reups, Ultra is here, all upcoming events, sports, and more.
A list of layoffs thus far, SXM pivoting towards streaming?, tons of events, and much much more.
Some of its current workforce will soon say goodbye to the satellite radio giant.
Its the end of a satellite radio era after nearly 20 years in operation.

February 2023

Taking a break due to a death in a family member plus adjustments to make.

January 2023

The Grammys, countdowns, sporting events, and more.
Another place to hear SXM, SXM and NHL are renewed, a new add to management, events, and more...
Happy New Year from SeriousXM!

December 2022

A continutation of yesterday's newsletter, filled with more news, events, and more. Happy Holidays!
This is Part 1 of a two-part special double edition of the newsletter. This will be focused on most events.
SiriusXM is the top podcast publisher, a free trial for certain phone customers, Samsung thinks the app is the best, new channels, more events, and…
Job cuts are coming, new satellites are being built, SXM is being sued and audited, events to speak of, and more.