The (**un**)official newsletter for all things SiriusXM.

SeriousXM… about all things SiriusXM.

Hello there! Welcome to SeriousXM, a newsletter that’s all about the latest news, changes, and happenings involving the SiriusXM Satellite Radio service.

In this newsletter, I’ll cover everything that’s going on at SiriusXM. From the latest news involving the service or the holding company SiriusXM Holdings, Inc., to programming changes, new channels, entertainment or sports events you need to know, throwbacks including old lineups from back in the day, videos, and more.

I will cover it all from the ground up the way the fans deserve. A genuine newsletter about a service that fans love and care about.

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Let’s make this a big thing and a big deal for SiriusXM customers everywhere: to keep them informed about their satellite radio service.


The idea for a newsletter about SiriusXM came earlier this year when I thought about Substack and how I wanted to participate in writing something that I love to talk about, which is broadcasting and SiriusXM is radio broadcasting. That’s what inspired me to move forward with it.

On the SiriusXM Fans Facebook group, I asked back on Monday, May 16th, 2022 at 8:30 p.m. what people thought about creating a SiriusXM-focused newsletter for fans to subscribe to and stay up to date on the latest SiriusXM news. Overwhelmingly, everyone said yes when asked! That’s when I kicked it up into high gear.

Three days later, on Thursday, May 19th, 2022 at close to midnight, I asked again what should be the name of the newsletter. I had a few ideas of my own and wanted a newsletter-themed name, but a guy on the Facebook group by the name of Richard Marlow gave me the idea of naming the newsletter SeriousXM. I thought the name was pretty clever and it has stuck with me ever since. On Friday, May 27th, 2022, that became the official name of the service when I launched the Twitter page, which you can find here: @SeriousXM_News.

On Monday, June 6th, 2022, three weeks of hard work and customization behind the scenes became a reality when the SeriousXM newsletter was launched. Yes, the name is a play on the SiriusXM service but its a way to be cheeky without using their trademarked name (more details in the disclaimer at the bottom).

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However, DO NOT take my word for it. Listen to what actual subscibers, readers, and donors have to say about the newsletter. It may convince you to subscribe and donate yourself!

Whoa! That's a quality newsletter! Well-written (no clumsy spelling errors or fumbled sentences). Congratulations, I know it's a LOT of work to produce something like this regularly. I'll be a subscriber/supporter, for sure! -u/jayjay2343 on Reddit.

Personally, I love your coverage. It feels like you’re one of the only ones actually covering us without it being company propaganda. Just know you’ve got at least one fan inside the building. -Anonymous via Twitter.

Love your coverage of all things satellite radio. Keep it up. -Zach Jones.

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The (**un**)official newsletter for all things SiriusXM.


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